Our classes have been following an episode of the Andy Griffith Show from 1962 called Andy Discovers America.  I have transcribed the entire episode so the students can read as they watched the show.   We have been able to use this in a variety of ways.  We use it for reader's theater,  visual imagery, and prediction.  Most of the students have never watched the Andy Griffith Show before although as one student commented, "My grandfather really likes that show."  The students are enjoying watching the show and they find the antics of Barney to be just as funny as they were to me when I watched the show as a youngster.  The first question many students ask when they come to class is, "Are we watching Andy Griffith today?"
9/22/2013 07:30:51 am

Hi Brenda! This is my 18 year of teaching, but my first year as a Reading Interventionist. I teach grades 6-8 and I am slowly integrating the Daily 5 (more like the Daily 3 since we have a 46 minute class period). Your idea of using Andy Griffith is "BEAST" as my kids would say. Would you be willing to share your transcripts? This might be the very tool that would get my 8th graders engaged and over the hump of taking an extra reading class.


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