I work with students who struggle with reading.  Typically these students do not enjoy reading and don't make it a priority in their live.  So one of the main goals of Reading Essentials Class is to increase their time reading.  Miraculously this increased reading time leads to increased reading skill.   It isn't quite that easy.  Along with the increased reading time, we teach the students some skills that help with those areas of reading where they struggle such as decoding or comprehension.

In our Read to Self time students are to pick up their tubs which contain the reading material that they selected.  Then they find a comfy spot to sit quietly and read.  We demonstrate how to find spots where they are not distracted by other students.  We have 10 spots marked on the floor and they choose one of those spots. 

The students are expected to remain in their spot for the entire time.  By setting up this simple system, students can't use any of the normal excuses they use to get off-task with their reading.

It works well in most cases.

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